Hamburger Steaks

This is a more “working with what you have 2.0.” I had ground beef left over from the last meal that I prepared and I needed to do something different with it. This meal isn’t the most picturesque content, but it tasted phenomenal.

This meal was very easy to make. I was a little unsure of the potatoes at first because they were the instant mashed potatoes and I have never had them before. All you need to do for these potatoes is boil some water, then add the potatoes and just stir like crazy until they have the consistency of mashed potatoes. They actually turned out great and I will probably buy them again. These potatoes were already flavored with garlic and herb.

I love corn, it is by far my favorite vegetable and when corn is on the cob it is 10 times better. I usually buy the canned corn and just cook it in the pan on the stovetop, but this time I decided to try corn on the cob that you boil. Although the corn is cooked the same way, I was a little skeptical of frozen corn on the cob that you boil. Turn out it tasted better than regular canned corn.

Overall this meal turned out great. It was more of a last minute meal that was not my best effort, but it all turned out to taste great. I was a little worried when I was making this meal because I have never used some of the ingredients before. I wanted to try the potatoes and the corn and they turned better than I thought. I will have a better one for you all next week, but I hope you liked this one.

One thought on “Hamburger Steaks

  1. I bashed the instant potatoes at first but once I had them they were actually really good and I eat them all the time for a quick simple side


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