Easy Cookin’

meal 2.jpg

Coming back with another meal for you all, and this one turned out to be delicious. This meal contains: turkey sausage, shrimp, broccoli, and red potatoes. I decided to get turkey sausage for this one because I wanted to try it. Turns out it’s really appetizing.

This is another simple meal that you can just throw in the oven for 30-40 minutes at 400 degrees. I like to cook meals at higher temps to speed the cooking process some. Also, I put foil down just to make cleaning easier, definitely not needed to cook this meal. Overall time to prep this meal took around 10 minutes. The only prepping needed for this meal is cutting the sausage and potatoes. I like to cut the potatoes into smaller pieces to make them cook faster. To season this I used salt, pepper, and tiny bit of garlic. You can season this however you may find suitable, but I like to keep things simple. This meal was relatively cheap, it cost less than $20. I decided to use the small tailless shrimp, but if you go with the bigger size it will cost you more. I can usually eat this meal for 2-3 days, and with it only costing around $20 it’s a great deal for a broke college student.

This meal turned out to be really simple and delightful as well. Anyone can make this meal, and that’s the whole point of this blog. I want to show how easy cooking can actually be. Hope you enjoyed this one and I’ll see y’all next week.



6 thoughts on “Easy Cookin’

  1. Great blog idea, very good post. You have lots of great information in there, but it reads a little bit all over the place. It might make more impact if you consider using bullets to outline the great tips that you gave (foil for cleanup, smaller cuts for quicker cooking, etc).


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