Keepin’ it simple


You can never go wrong with a hamburger. When I go to restaurants and I don’t really see anything on the menu I like, I will nine times out of ten get a hamburger. It is hard to mess up a hamburger. This looks like a plain hamburger, but it’s on the inside what counts.

These hamburgers require you to make the patty yourself, can’t buy the pre-made patties. All you need is a bowl or anything just to contain the meat while you add all the ingredients to it.  For this recipe you need to get everything you want on a hamburger and mix it in with the ground beef and mash it all together. I decided to go with bacon, cheese, and onions.  I seasoned the hamburgers with Worcestershire (no idea how to actually pronounce that, so I call it Wooster.), and garlic powder. And that’s it, I like to keep it simple.

I can’t have a charcoal grill since I live in an apartment, so I had to use a George Foreman grill instead. I would much rather use the charcoal grill because it just seems to make most things taste better. Anyways, you need to preheat the Foreman grill and add the burgers once heated. Let those burgers cook for 5-10 minutes and enjoy!

They say something along the lines of “what really matters is what is on the inside.” With these burgers it’s all about the inside. I hope you all enjoyed this one. These tasted fantastic.

10 thoughts on “Keepin’ it simple

  1. Now this is my kind of meal. Coming from someone that isn’t that creative in the kitchen, I think I will be trying this one out (give me a break I’m a college student). Simple is where it’s at.


  2. I love the fresh ground beef, we get a cow slaughtered every 6 months, and have steak and ground beef coming out my ears! I always make my burgers with Cavanders Seasoning. And salt and pepper! Never thought about putting things into the patty! Good idea! Got me craving burgers now!


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